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Session Tips

Each photo session is a unique experience designed to capture each child’s unique personality. Consider these general tips to ensure a fantastic session:

If nothing else, always be prepared! Bring a few outfits and have them planned with purpose.

Texture and color contribute significantly in photography. Don't be afraid of bright colors, fun tights, and unique hats! Try to stay away from wearing white or black unless specifically advised otherwise.

Newborns (preferably under 14 days old)

  • Newborn photos are always so sweet, but patience is required to obtain the best shots. We’ll take as much time as needed (up to two hours) to get the right photos.
  • Newborns photograph best unclothed or in diapers only. Be prepared with extra diapers, wipes, and clothing for yourself and the baby!
  • Please bring along a black shirt so that you blend into the background while you hold your baby. If you would also like to bring an outfit to wear in a couple of the shots, that’s great too.
  • Please try to feed your baby right before leaving for the session so your little one gets sleepy in the car. A sleepy newborn is so much easier to work with!
  • If possible, notify me prior to your due date so we can keep in mind a perfect date to schedule your baby’s shoot.

Three Months to One Year

  • I like to do naked shots up to 12 months, but you’ll obviously want to bring a couple of great outfits also. We’ll take lots of pictures until your child gets sick of me!
  • Bright and solid colors, unique hats, and skirts and fun tights photograph extremely well. And layers on these little ones are just so darn cute! (For cute hat ideas, check out

Toddlers and Children

  • Toddler sessions are most successful when done outside (weather permitting) so I can capture great shots without them realizing it. Of course, studio sessions are always fun also.
  • During a toddler or child session, be prepared to make them laugh and smile! Older children often take direction well, but tend to put on unnatural “CHEESE”-y smiles. The goal is to capture each child’s unique personality and natural expression as much as possible.

High School Seniors

  • Senior shoots are such a blast! I love to drive around to a few great locations to get those perfect, unique shots. Bring a few outfit changes and we will try to fit them all in somewhere!
  • Also, feel free to bring an item that represents your personality or interest. For example, if you’re a musician, athlete, or part of a club, consider bringing your instrument, uniform or equipment for a few shots.


With family shoots, it’s always best to coordinate outfits. Bold, plain colors always look great. If you need help making a clothing decision I would be glad to help you figure out what would photograph best. And if you’d like, we can also do breakout shoots to capture individuals as well.


These are such fun shoots! I suggest wearing a solid, plain-colored, form-fitting shirt, which can then be dressed up with a bold or bright scarf, hat, or shoes.